How to Win On Quibids Using Bid-Ninja

Bid - Ninja



Now you can win on Quibids using a brand new free software that guarantees it’s users a winning edge. Bid-Ninja is the ultimate tool for Quibids bidders to win more while spending less, it’s as simple as that.


If you want to win on Quibids, then your best bet is to use Bid-Ninja.  Bid-Ninja is the leading software to help you gain the winning edge over your Quibids competitors because it tells you everything you need to know about the auction and your competitors, before you place even a single bid.  You wouldn’t buy stock in a company before doing your research would you?  Or course not!  Well, playing in a penny auction is no different, and you shouldn’t play until you know everything you can, not only about the product, but your competitors as well!

Bid-Ninja is full of useful information:  the average number of bids it takes to win, the average ending price of a product, how many auctions your competitors have won, how many auctions your competitors are currently playing in, if they’re using voucher bids or playing with real money, any users total net gain/loss on Quibids, the best day of the week to play, the best hour of the day to play and so much more!

Bid-Ninja is a browser plugin that integrates itself directly into the auction page.  What that means is you get all the information you need to win more auctions while spending less money all without even having to leave the auction page!  There is nothing like Bid-Ninja out there on the market, and with so much competition on Quibids you need to take advantage of every opportunity to get a leg up on your penny auction competition.  Using this software gives you almost an unfair advantage, because you’ll know things that nobody else does.  You’ll actually know more about your competitors than they know about themselves!  Heck, you’ll know more about the product you’re playing for than Quibids does!

The simple fact is, the more knowledge you’re armed with, the better your chances that you’ll actually win on Quibids more often with less bids.  Imagine knowing that the average selling price for a 250 bid voucher auction is only $1.21 on Monday at 7:00pm, but that it’s average selling price is $3.76 on a Friday at the same time.  When would you rather be playing?  Well, you’ll not only know that, but you’ll know the average ending price of every product Quibids sells for every day of the week at every hour of the day!

Imagine knowing that the 3 most active bidders in an auction are about to “time out” because they’re less than 10 bids away from paying full retail price for the auction in voucher bids…meaning your biggest competitors won’t be able to place any more bids…well Bid-Ninja shows you that too!  Imagine knowing that a user has over 1,000 voucher bids to use (somebody that you should stay far far away from).  Once again, Bid-Ninja puts you “in the know”!  How about knowing that one auction for 100 voucher bids has ten bidders in it that have all won over 200 auctions on Quibids, and that another auction for the same product has no bidders that have won any auctions…again, which auction do you want to play in?  Well Bid-Ninja will show you that too.

The bottom line is, using this software clearly puts you in a better position than any of your Quibids competitors.  There are two ways to win on Quibids, and they are with luck and with skill & strategy.  If you’ve won on Quibids without bid-ninja, than you’re in the former category, because any “strategy” you have is only based on guessing & theory.  Using this software you can actually formulate a real strategy based on sound statistics & analytics of your competition and the products you’re playing for.  So stop winning because you got lucky, and start winning because you’re equipped with the only tool that can actually help you win…Bid-Ninja!


Bid Ninja

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Bid – Ninja Review

 Bid - Ninja


I love bidding on It’s kind of a weird site, but if you know what you are doing you can pick up some amazing deals. I only bit I don’t like are the countdowns, they go just that bit too quickly for my liking!

For a long time now, I’ve been searching for a method to overcome this problem and at last I think I’ve finally cracked it!

I’ve just come across a newly launched bit of software called Bid-Ninja. It’s easy to use but very clever at what it does, all it is is a highly effective web browser extension you can apply to any web browser such as google or firefox. There’s nothing  to download or install so there’s no danger to your system. It’s really easy. Once set up, all you have to do is enter some simple values and parameters which will track any auction you want and the program will ensure you can win your auction at Quibids amazing low prices.

I’ve already saved loads of money on some electrical goods I was after and as a result I’ve already saved the price of my subscription within the first day of using Bid – Ninja!

To begin with, I was cautious about using Bid-Ninja, but after checking out their website, I found out they have a customer email support who are more than happy to help with any enquieies you might have. I asked a couple of questions and got fast, friendly and helpful responses.

I would urge anyone using Quibids to check out Bid – Ninja, you won’t regret it! I didn’t!


Bid - Ninja

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The Truth about How to Win On Quibids

Quibids is a penny auction site that allows you to bid on a variety of products for the chance to win them at a deep discount. In order to get started on this site, you just have to sign up and purchase your initial bid pack for $60. You are then ready to start bidding on great new products for an unbelievably low price, but don’t start just yet. In order to actually save money, you need to learn how to win on Quibids, luck unfortunately is not a good strategy.

Is Winning Easy?

The owners of the Quibids sites would like you to believe that how to win on Quibids is by simply bidding on products and hoping for the best, I am her to tell you that is not the truth. As a matter of fact, with that line of thinking, you may be asking is Quibids as scam? I can tell you that it is possible to win products from the site, but it is not as easy as you would hope.

How to Win on Quibids

Now that you know what the site is, let’s look at how to win on Quibids. When developing a strategy for the site, there are several factors that should be considered and reviewed, here are just a few:

  • What is the average closing bid amount of this type of item?
  • How much competition is there for this item?
  • What time of day am I most likely to win this item?
  • What are the known habits of competitors for this item?


I am sure about now you are wondering where to get this information and how to organize it. You have a couple of options.

#1 You could go through as many auctions, stats, and details as you can handle and then make that into a database of some sort. You would then need to continually update that information as you make more bids and as more bids occur for products you like. If you are willing to do this, you can surely figure out how to win on Quibids with the data you collect.

#2 The second option is a little more practical and involves using software to do the work for you. Now, before you get skeptical, there are a variety of free programs that can help you gather information. Bid Ninja is one such example, this free to download program has information on every bid ever made on Quibids. Take a look for yourself and I am certain you will be happy with the data provided. As you look over the information provided, you will begin to see just how to win on Quibids.

Alright, you now have the information that will show you how to win on Quibids; what now? I suggest that you ask yourself the following questions before bidding on a product.

  • Do I want this item or just to win?
  • Would I pay retail price for this item?

If you can answer “yes” to those two questions, then you are ready to start bidding. Now that you know how to win on Quibids, go find those great deals and show your friends and family that the site is great if you know how to win on Quibids.

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Quibids Software

Finding an easier way for savvy online auction goers to win their dream items has been an innovation nearly a decade in the making.  Since eBay evolved, other major auction chains, like Quibids, have sprung up to provide everyone an opportunity to purchase elite electronics, jewelry or clothing items at rock bottom prizes.  Unfortunately, the playing arena isn’t exactly fair.  Thanks to various Quibids software suites and plugins, we’re able to enjoy fairness when bargaining for goods we’ve never could’ve purchased before.  Here’s an excellent example why Bid-Ninja, Quibids and the entire software development scene assists the end consumer today:

Nearly Certain Auction Victory

They say only three things are certain – life, death, and taxes – but we’d be quick to add one to the list: auctions. Whoever you are, Joe Schmo or C-suite executive, you have a budget. The daily reality of every small business owner that tinkers with auctions, or anyone that plans to enter the auction field is the availability of items. Unless there’s some fairness, or competitive advantage during the bidding process, it’s probably moot to bid against those powerhouses with endless ‘micro budgets’.  Therefore, software Quibids users tend to attach to their browsers – such as the intuitive Bid-Ninja – provides nearly flawless victories every time.

Great For Sales

One of the highest paid fields in business today is sales. Regardless of the economy’s condition, businesses will always need good sales people to keep their business thriving. It’s a competitive field, but one with many benefits. If you have the drive, tenacity and skills to succeed, then you can make a lot of money.  Quibids software is, in other words, an excellent method to keep your sales ROI great because you’ll purchase what you want, when you want to own it, and do so within amicable price ranges.  On the consumer side, it also helps ameliorate excess charges.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly more popular, especially given all of the conveniences it offers. You can surf twelve different sites at one time, while allows you to find the very best deals, and do all of this without having to change out of your pajamas or search for a parking spot in an endless sea of cars. However, along with the perks of online shopping, there can also be a few hassles, like with returning items or the always annoying double charge.  Bid-Ninja, for one, allows individuals to see and bid on only things of their interest while providing an avenue for immediate victory all while cutting costs.

Helps Secure Your Wish List

Buying literally anything of some worth through online auctions is becoming an increasingly popular trend and surprisingly, a far quicker process than the traditional supply-demand chain. So if you’re currently on the hunt for anything from Keurig to Visio, this is definitely something to consider.  What’s even more consideration-worthy is having your wish list virtually secured by utilizing Bid-Ninja or comparable software. The majority of auction goers will be people with familiarity with the trade, and have considerably higher levels of bidding lore; if you’re thinking of trying your luck, it’s important you have some form of booster to get your Quibids career going, and software apps or programs provide just that.


Utilizing fully functional bidding software offers immense advantages for business, consumer and technological reasons.  Since Quibids software operates without knowledge of anyone, you can sneak into whatever item you wish, snatch it up when you want, and jump back out with your goods without being detected.


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Quibids Software

Sometimes humans cannot quite grasp properly bidding, or simply find themselves rather frustrated, when bidding on online auction places like Quibids.  Considering millions have successfully won auctions on that site, its common knowledge that winning is possible – it’s gaining that advantage in winning what you want that needs to be perfected.  With the various available software options to gain an advantage on Quibids, it shouldn’t be painstaking to place your bids any longer.

Today, we’ll examine the more popular Quibids software options which kick your bidding into higher gear.  The three we’ll unveil today are BidProApp, BidPanther and the most innovative of all, Bid Ninja.


Peeking into current auction statuses may seem like ‘cheating’ as it takes the element of surprise, mystery or competition away from the game.  However, getting that iPad is really important to you – enter BidPanther, your gateway to seeing the insider information which is otherwise hidden.  You can:

  • Examine the true number of bidders pitted against you;
  • The exact duration left, and in total, of each auction;
  • Enjoy full features built into your browser while logged into Quibids

Overall, many tout the BidPanther system because of the level of information about each running auction. Currently, BidPanther is in beta testing phase with an undisclosed launch date.


Imagine somebody telling you that your Quibids dream item is guaranteed to be yours the first day you bid.  That guarantee is given when purchasing the BidProApp system, heavily decorated with a two-mile long sales landing page and testimonials of people who’ve actually won items their first day.  Those willing to spend $47.00 to obtain this privilege could probably benefit heavily through this ‘unique and secretive’ method of guaranteed auction success.  Not exactly the greatest way to gain customers, yet some people find spending nearly $50 for a system to be plausible, especially given their past auction atrocities.


Like the legendary Shogun warriors, your best possible way to throw the proverbial flying guillotine at your competition is Bid-Ninja, taking the guesswork out of winning the Quibids game.  Since many people enter the auctions world blindly winning by chance, having the sure-fire means to win means you’ll know exactly what you’re bidding on, what you’re going to win and prepare yourself for imminent happiness. Some basic features we’ve discovered within the Bid-Ninja platform include:

  • Easy to integrate plugin-style software which piggybacks onto your Quibids account;
  • Information provided on each auction is more comprehensive than competition plugins;
  • Undetectable by Quibids
  • By comparison, Bid Ninja is more cost-effective when upgrading yearly

Everyone wants the splendors of winning online auctions, yet fail to see that Bid-Ninja can offer the level playing field many others aren’t afforded.  Overall, the greatest Quibids software around, bar none, is the Bid-Ninja system which works for individual buyers, or large scale business purchasers. Because either way you bid online, Bid Ninja is the only one to offer ease of use and flexibility so that you can spend more time on your personal or business life, and less time worrying about losing auctions.

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Quibids Strategies- Can You Really Win On Quibids?

Does the thought of winning an Ipad for under $30 get your heart racing? Would you like the chance to win new sunglasses, TV’s, and a list of other goods for well below retail value? I know I am and most likely, you want to do the same. If you take some time to research Quibids, you will see two things come to the forefront. The first being; is Quibids real? The next being; is there some type of Quibids strategies that I can use to win more. Quibids does a nice job of defining exactly how their site works and it is most certainly a legitimate site, but if you go in without some Quibids strategies of your own, you are not likely to win. Here are just a few Quibids strategies that you may want to try.

Bidding Software

Let’s face it, we as humans have a lot on our plates, using one of the many software programs that help you keep track of your competition and gain the upper hand in bidding is one of my favorite Quibids strategies. In short, programs like Bid-Ninja have been tracking Quibids from the start and by using their program, you will have all of that data at your fingertips in an easy to understand chart. This gives you valuable insight into the entire bidding process.

Gathering Data

Let’s say that you forego any software and stick to entirely manual Quibids strategies. The key to success is being realistic. You are not likely to win every single auction, and to increase your chances, you are going to need to do a good deal of research to determine bidding trends and analyze the Quibids strategies that your competition is using. Even without programs like Bid Ninja, this can be done, but it will take some time to compile your own set of data.

Overall Cost Analysis

If you allow yourself to fall into the hype of Quibids, you could easily abandon all of your Quibids strategies and go wild with bids.

Sure, you may “win” the bid, but are you really a winner? The biggest mistake people make on Quibids is losing track of the total cost of an item. Just what am I talking about?

Consider this, if you buy and item that retails for $5 at auction for $3, but then you add the cost of bids and a transaction fee plus shipping, your “savings” actually resulted in you spending more. To make a long story short, take all fees into consideration when placing your top bid on an item.

Overall, I believe that Quibids is a good site and through the use of various Quibids strategies, you can often get items at a steep discount. The key to success of this site is patience. You must take time to understand exactly how the site works and how the penny pricing model will play out in a live auction. In closing don’t forget to explore various Quibids strategies and keep track of what worked best for you.

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Is Quibids A Scam?

Millions of bulk retail buyers attend online auctions in hopes of benefitting from other people’s mistakes in not buying liquidated goods or having their electronics goods not sell in big box stores.  One issue that is prevalent in Quibids auctions is people getting scammed in one deal or another, losing money they actually believe they are saving.  One way to shop smart at all online auctions is to have a full understanding of what the auction process is and how to spot the shysters in the crowd.  Below we’ve constructed some tips to follow when shopping at Quibids auctions that you need to keep with you when buying electronics, jewelry or anything at an auction.   Then you can ascertain when people want to know is Quibids a scam or not, if they are on to something, or if they’d rather be at Bid Ninja.

Knowing All Players

Understanding who the key players are in auctions, such as frequent buyers and customers who come to purchase bulk items for their personal use, should be immediately identified before you begin to bid on cars.  These are people who could potentially take advantage of new players such as yourself; keep your guard up and understand who everyone is ahead of time through simple conversations about the online auctions scene or whatever seems convenient at the moment.  Online bidding doesn’t have to be hard and by doing the proper research, you can avoid wondering “is Quibids a scam”.

Research Goods

If you are afforded the opportunity to visually inspect goods prior to auctioning, you should take your mobile device and, if you cannot research item numbers simply by looking it up through Google or a similar site, call it in to your friends who can do your footwork for you.  Never buy anything from an auction that has no visible packaging as this could be an imminent sign that it’s stolen or has been significantly altered.  Knowing that all electronic items are valid will keep you from being sold a ‘hot’ item at an auction and potentially put yourself into legal troubles.

Get A Bill Of Sale

Once you win your Quibids items, make sure you receive a legitimate bill of sale as you’ll need this to prove any wrongdoings later on, especially when seeing that others are asking ‘is Quibids a scam or not?’.  Without a valid bill of sale, you just handed over your hard-earned money to some auctioneer you’ll never see again.  Make sure you at least attempt to get a bill of sale that has a legitimate auction company logo on it so you can track them later on if needed.  This may also be your PayPal receipt.


One huge mistake many auction goers make is not performing due diligence about the company sponsoring the auctions.  If you simply hand the money to the payment processor, or auctioneer, and get scammed, you’re literally up a creek. Should the item you purchased be mysteriously lost or unattainable, immediately get your money back or consult the police immediately because you were just scammed.  Then you’ll already know the answer when asked is Quibids a scam, or not, and determine whether or not heading towards Bid Ninja would be your better option from the get-go.

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Is Quibids A Scam

Considering our lackadaisical economy many worldwide citizens are experiencing, many people like you have decided to seek out their next major purchase through online auctions.  Much like these other buyers, your first initial reaction may be fearsome or even uneasy feelings, depending on your reproach. To help the layman succeed at their first crack in purchasing goods from Quibids auctions, we developed these quick tips for you to consider so you’ll have mental ammunition upon arriving at your decision instead of being enshrouded with negative anxiety while standing in the presence of the most harrowing question of all: Is Quibids a scam? Many people ask this shortly before transacting with Bid Ninja.

Verifying Payments

First and foremost, make sure you verify the acceptable payment methods that Quibids takes; most are credit cards or by buying bid packs.  Verify this ahead of time and bring sufficient backup funding in case they’re not reachable before the auction commences.  Make sure you’ve read the terms of payment, too, to avoid having problems later down the road.

Next, make sure to give every item you’re bidding on a visual inspection before committing to bid on anything.  Check the entire auction to make sure that nothing seems ‘shady’. Should you discover any problems after the goods arrives, you’re unfortunately stuck with merchandise, and a difficult uphill battle in retrieving your funds back unless you file a police report.

Knowing The Atmosphere

If you arrived at the online auction relatively early, feel out the other buyers to get acclimated to being in a competitive buying atmosphere.  People may lay back and drive the prices up on you so you’ll waste your money on items like electronics or jewelry and, if you plan to buy several ‘lots’, this could send you home disappointed.  Quibids auctions are extremely competitive to say the least; people are ruthless when it comes to getting deals, and these people should be watched carefully.  You may find comfort in talking to people and getting an idea of what they’re doing there, what they plan on buying, and so on.

Lemons Don’t Exist

Remember, most refurbished or electronics in open boxes are sold ‘As Is’ and generally cannot be refunded except when excessive shipping damage applies.  Buyer’s remorse doesn’t apply, either, so make sure that you know what current technology or personal effects works best for your needs before foolishly bidding on items that will cause more headache than provide pleasure.  Preventing a bad investment at online auctions is easily done with education on auction buying, understanding something about cars, or at least bringing a mechanic buddy along.  These reasons lead people to still, to this day, ask is Quibids a scam or not.


Finally, never purchase anything at online auctions that have no pictures or names; electronics sold like this are either stolen, have something wrong with them will cause you more trouble in legal fees than it’s worth, not to mention it’s nearly impossible to convince your own customers to buy ‘hot’ goods.  Play it smart and research Quibids auctions before heading there to purchase your next big lot items because people, to this day, still will ask is Quibids a scam or is it legit.  We believe it’s real, yet also implore the general public to also consider Bid Ninja for legitimacy in auctions online.

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Best Time To Play On Quibids

Starting your new business means that several needs will come across your plate. In your business plan, you more than likely factored in necessities like new electronics for company usage, yet did you really need to make this purchase ‘new’? Quibids and Bid Ninja auctions are perhaps two of the greatest platforms for buying business surplus of all sorts; no matter if you need radial arm saws for your construction business, servers for your IT business or simply several attaché cases so your salesmen can hit the field, online auctions can be your ticket to saving tremendous amounts of startup funding.  We examine some very plausible time frames which are deemed the best time to play on Quibids for your business needs.

Business Afterhours

When it comes to new businesses, one cannot accurately predict what tomorrow will bring.  Having needs such as inventory, insurance, equipment and reserve funds is enough of a headache; getting stuck bidding online for merchandise, and getting constantly beat out of deals, becomes another issue.  Therefore, traditional wisdom dictates new businesses should consider bidding during later business hours, or monitor bids during lunchtime hours.  If successful in placing the winning bid, these auctions can be the ticket that renders inexpensive surplus goods for your business needs.  Timing, even when using Quibids or Bid Ninja, is everything.

When Coworkers Are Available To Assist

Bringing several members of your board, or coworkers, with you to online auctions can assist you in bidding, too; rather than having three people bidding against you, businesses that wish to purchase surplus electronics items at online auctions can have several people bidding on their behalf to guarantee both the purchase and the price being low enough to afford several more.  Many common entrepreneurs go solo which diminishes their chances in coming away with cheap wares, if anything at all.  Businesses definitely take an advantageous position at online auctions which, when pitting ten people against one, should all but eliminate the need for a best time to play on Quibids, period.

Some hidden advantages of using Bid Ninja or Quibids later at night with several people include:

  • Nearly imminent winning bids placed every time;
  • Driving prices up on items your competition may need;
  • Lowering prices by dominating several different auctions simultaneously.

For Businesses, Anytime Is Bidding Time

Businesses need various office equipment for many reasons and, while having adequate electronics items, office supplies and furniture is a necessity, saving money in seed stages of business growth should definitely be an immediate concern for business owners.  Since many online auctions are dominated by single-item buyers, perhaps the best time to play on Quibids or use the Bid Ninja system is whenever you wish since the larger bulk goods tend not to have individuals bidding on them.

Business spending doesn’t have to be ridiculous; it just needs to be researched and have close attention paid to it, such as it should be when purchasing business inventory, or office goods, from Quibids or online auction helpers like Bid Ninja.

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A Closer Look at How to Win On Quibids

Quibids is a penny auction site that allows you to potentially get items for well below retail value through auction on their website. I can’t really think of anyone who would not want to get a large LED TV for only $50 bucks, so just how can you do this? Let’s look at how to win on Quibids and get great deals!

First, a word of warning, if you dive into Quibids blindly and start bidding without taking advantage of any of the information available to you, you will likely lose. Now, if you are ready to learn how to win on Quibids, let’s get to it.

Reviewing ALL Available Information

Quibids provides users with a wealth of knowledge that can be used to evaluate and optimizing your experience and when use correctly will even show you exactly how to win on Quibids. That being said, gathering and evaluating that amount of data can take quite a while; however, here is a little trick you can use. A few companies have created Quibids software that allows you to gain an advantage over your competitors. Bid Ninja is my personal favorite as it has a massive database to draw from and displays that data in easily digestible terms to the user. Even better, you can download Bid-Ninja free of charge. Take some time to review the data provided and a roadmap of how to win on Quibids will start to appear before you.

Selecting the Right Items to Bid On

Sometimes people are more concerned with how to win on Quibids than what they are actually trying to win. When you are looking for items on Quibids, ask yourself: would I be willing to go to the store and buy this today at full price? If not, perhaps you should move on to a new item. Think about Quibids like this, if you are willing to pay full price and get it for less, great. That is the essence of Quibids, keep that in mind when bidding and you will be much happier and more successful.


Bidding At the Right Time

Timing is crucial in most parts of life, Quibids is not different. When developing your “how to win on Quibids” strategy, you should certainly take timing into consideration. Programs like Bid Ninja will provide you with insight into the best time of the day and week to place your bid. I know you may be a little skeptical about whether or not timing is a good “how to win on Quibids” strategy, but if you just give it a try, you won’t be for long.

Auto Bid Feature

Bidding on multiple items or don’t have time to micromanage you bids? Try the auto bid setting which is similar to the one EBay. But, here is a little tip for you: wait to see it your competitor is using auto bid as well. If so, do not activate yours until a third party has bid him up several times. The auto bid is limited to 25 increases, so if your competitors are out, you can swoop in and take the prize while they are away.

Ultimately taking the time to develop a “how to win on Quibids” strategy can be very beneficial to you and could saves you thousands of dollars.

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